16 Must-See Movies For 2016



Charlie Kaufman, who wrote Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, is behind this bizarre, brilliant stop-motion animation about a man who sees everyone in the world as identical, until he meets a woman who is startlingly different. Like the best Kaufman, beneath its weirdness is some heartfelt human emotion.

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  • Eddie The Eagle

    26th February
    The British public loves a sporting underdog and there was no sporting star less hopeful than Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards. Edwards dreamed of going to the Winter Olympics as a ski-jumper and he wasn’t going to let his lack of natural talent stop him.

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  • Zoolander 2

    12th February
    15 years after the original, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson polish up their Blue Steel again. This time, lots of pretty celebrities – Miley Cyrus, Biebs – are being murdered and Derek Zoolander and Hansel take it upon themselves to solve the crime. There are buttloads of famous people – Benedict Cumberbatch, Penelope Cruz, Lewis Hamilton – in it.

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  • Spotlight

    29th February
    The true story of a Boston newspaper team who exposed a paedophile scandal in the Catholic Church. If you like a good, old-fashioned talky drama then this is a belter, with a faultless cast.

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  • Bourne 5

    29th July
    After the clunking disappointment of The Bourne Legacy, which tried to continue the Bourne franchise without Jason Bourne, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, director of films 2 and 3, have been tempted back. The plot is described as dealing with a “post-Snowden world”, so expect cyber security issues, and lots of inventive fighting again.

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  • The Nice Guys

    20th May
    In 1970s LA, a struggling private eye (Gosling) teams up with a detective (Crowe) to investigate the disappearance of a girl and the death of a porn star. Their mission leads them to a huge conspiracy involving some very powerful people. It’s written/directed by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon), one of the best dialogue writers in the business.

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  • Captain America: Civil War

    29th April
    This is the start of a big story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The government wants to regulate superheroes, which splits the specially-powered into two factions: one against regulation, led by Captain America; the other led by Tony Stark who wants to cooperate with the authorities. That means lots of Avengers’ in-fighting.

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  • Deadpool

    4th February
    Cynical about comic-book films? This might be the comic-book film for you. In this lower-key Marvel production – its budget is a fraction of Captain America’s – Reynolds plays a man who submits to advanced cancer treatment and winds up a heavily disfigured, sarcastic, violent, pansexual super(anti)hero.

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  • X-Men: Apocalypse

    19th May
    They’ve done the ’60s, the ’70s and now the X-Men are into the 1980s. Big hair, big shoulderpads and a big villain in the form of Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), an ancient mutant who has arrived in modern times to destroy the world. It’s likely to be the final outing for Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, so make the most of it.

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  • The Girl On The Train

    7th October
    Paul Hawkins’ thriller was arguably the must-read novel of the year. It’s the story of a depressed drunk (Blunt) who builds a fantasy life for a couple she watches every day from the train, then gets sucked into their lives when she notices something amiss one day.

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  • Suicide Squad

    5th August
    Can you have a superhero film without any heroes? In this oddity a gang of villains are blackmailed into taking on a secret government mission. Those villains include Will Smith as marksman Deadshot and Margot Robbie as the loopy Harley Quinn. Jared Leto plays the villain of all villains, the Joker.

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  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

    18th November
    It’s set in the Harry Potter world but there’s no chance of the boy wizard appearing because this takes place in 1920s New York. Newt Scamander (Redmayne) is a wizard who travels the world collecting magical creatures. For the benefit of cinematic drama, lots of them escape. JK Rowling has written the script.

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  • Ghostbusters

    15th July
    It’s the ’80s favourite reworked and recast with an all-woman team. This, as you can imagine, made certain men of the internet fall over, bless them. Those women include the extremely funny Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, and it’s directed by Bridesmaids’ Paul Feig, so let’s ignore the Twitter misogynists, shall we?

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  • Point Break

    12th February
    If you weren’t around in the ’90s and watch the original Point Break now, you might wonder why so many people of a certain age go nuts for it. But the new version hopes to capture the same sense of adrenalised, silly fun, with Bracey as an undercover cop hoping to bust a gang who commit corporate heists that usually involve extreme sports.

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  • Hail Caesar

    26th February
    The Coen brothers get together lots of glossy film stars for a farce set in the golden age of cinema. Clooney plays the biggest film star of his day, who is kidnapped during production of a historical epic, sending the studio into a panic. If you’re a cinema nut then this ispacked with nods to old school Hollywood that you will adore.

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    25th March
    There’s a lot riding on Warner Bros’ biggest film of the summer. Not only does it put together the two titans of the DC comics universe, who disagree on the correct way to fight crime. It’s also the launching point for Wonder Woman and sows the seeds for a whole load of Justice League films.

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Axl Rose reportedly set to replace Brian Johnson as AC/DC frontman for rest of band’s tour

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose could be set to fill in for Brian Johnson as the frontman of AC/DC for the rest of the hard rock band’s tour, reports are suggesting.

The Australian group recently rescheduled a handful of US live dates after singer Johnson was advised by doctors to “stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss”. The group issued a statement on their official website confirming that the remaining dates of their US tour will be “made up later in the year, likely with a guest vocalist”.

Now, as reported by Alternative Nation, a radio DJ from Atlanta named Jason Bailey has claimed that a “very very good source” informed him that Rose will join the band for the rest of their tour dates after being “flown in” to the US city to audition with the group.

“This is what I’m being told, Axl was meeting with the AC/DC group, because it’s all but a done deal that Axl will front AC/DC for the ten remaining shows. All ten, including Atlanta,” the Atlanta Radio 100.5 DJ is quoted as saying.

He added: “From what I was told, this was all kind of new inside information to me, Angus [Young, AC/DC guitarist] is a very black and white guy. He’s like, Brian, for health reasons, can’t continue fronting the band. He was supposed to retire after the last tour, so they wanted to continue going out on the road and continue making music, so if you can’t do it, we appreciate your services, but the show must go on.”

“They’re in town, they were auditioning people for the job, and then they flew Axl in, again, this is from my source.”

Guns N’ Roses fansite GnR Truth had previously alleged that Axl Rose was spotted in Atlanta recently, further speculating that he might have been auditioning to link up live with AC/DC.

NME has approached press representatives of both AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses for a response to the reports.

EXCLUSIVE: Belgian Intelligence Had Precise Warning That Airport Targeted for Bombing

Attack in subway likely also known in advance by Belgian and Western agencies; attack plan was formulated at de-facto ISIS capital of Raqqa, in Syria.

The Belgian security services, as well as other Western intelligence agencies, had advance and precise intelligence warnings regarding the terrorist attacks in Belgium on Tuesday, Haaretz has learned.
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The security services knew, with a high degree of certainty, that attacks were planned in the very near future for the airport and, apparently, for the subway as well.

Despite the advance warning, the intelligence and security preparedness in Brussels, where most of the European Union agencies are located, was limited in its scope and insufficient for the severity and immediacy of the alert.

As far as is known, the attacks were planned by the headquarters of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Raqqa, Syria, which it has pronounced as the capital of its Islamic caliphate.

The terror cell responsible for the attacks in Brussels on Tuesday was closely associated with the network behind the series of attacks in Paris last November. At this stage, it appears that both were part of the same terrorist infrastructure, connected at the top by the terrorist Salah Abdeslam, who was involved in both the preparation for the Paris attacks and its implementation.

Abdeslam escaped from Paris after the November attacks, hid out in Brussels and was arrested last week by the Belgian authorities.
Abdeslam’s arrest was apparently the trigger for Tuesday’s attacks, due to the concern in ISIS that he might give information about the planned attacks under interrogation, particularly in the light of reports that he was cooperating with his captors.

The testimony of the detained terrorist, alongside other intelligence information, part of which concerned ISIS operations in Syria, should have resulted in much more stringent security preparedness in crowded public places in Brussels, along with a heightened search for the cell.

As of now, the search is focused on the terrorist Najim Laachraoui, who created the explosive vests used by the bombers and escaped from the airport at the last moment.

There is concern, however, that other cells connected to ISIS in Western Europe will attempt to carry out additional attacks in the near future, either in Belgium or in other countries involved in the war against the terror organization in Syria and Iraq.

At least 31 people were killed and 260 wounded in the terrorist bombings at the Brussels airport and in the subway system on Tuesday. Responsibility for the attacks was claimed by ISIS.

Belgian authorities have named the two airport attackers as brothers Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui. Laachraoui, who was photographed with the brothers at the airport and was observed fleeing the scene, is the subject of a massive manhunt.

Vintage Photos Show New York City Commuters In 1966

Danny Lyons Subway Photography

Danny Lyon was famous for his work photographing the civil rights movement in the south and motorcycle gangs in Chicago.

When he returned to New York, his mother told him, if ever got bored, he should “just talk to someone on the subway.”

We’re not sure if he ever took his mother’s advice and talked to the straphangers, but he sure did take some beautiful pictures of them.

The result is a photo series he called “Underground: 1966,” which features eight pictures Lyon took candidly of travelers on the New York City Subway system in Brooklyn during New Year’s Eve in 1966.

Danny Lyons Subway PhotographyDanny Lyon, courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York/Zürich

The series is now being exhibited for the very first time, and will be on display in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center subway station for the next year.

“Brooklyn is changing very rapidly and so many newcomers have joined longtime residents among the 40,000 people who use the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station every day,” Lester Burg, senior manager of MTA Arts & Design, said in statement. “‘Underground: 1966’ is a great opportunity to show them how it used to be, and to show off the work of a groundbreaking photographer who was born in Brooklyn.”

Danny Lyons Subway Photography (1)Danny Lyon, courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York/Zürich

Lyon was methodical in his approach to the photographs, like any true artist. For his artist’s tools, he used a Rolleiflex camera with color translucency film.

He didn’t use a tripod for any of the photos (they weren’t allowed on the subway), even when the frame had moving objects, which created a blur effect on some of the photos featuring motion. He told Fast.co that, since the color film was slow, he leaned on poles to keep his camera steady.

Danny Lyons Subway Photography (1)Danny Lyon, courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York/Zürich

This artistic choice perfectly captured the hustle and bustle of the subway system. It also makes the surreal somber faces of his subjects pop that much more against the blur of movement.

Though Lyon no longer uses a Rolleiflex, he told Fast.co he still sometimes takes pictures of commuters traversing the city on the subway.

“I find sitting across from people as they move through the city fascinating, and I often take out my iPhone, hoping to make a portrait unobserved,” he said. “But it’s very hard to do.”

See the rest of Lyon’s amazing photographs below:

Danny Lyons Subway PhotographyDanny Lyon, courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York/Zürich

Danny Lyons Subway PhotographyDanny Lyon, courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York/Zürich

Two Lands – Greenland | Iceland

“Two Lands – Greenland | Iceland” is the result of a very brief 10 day shoot I did. The video is a compilation of some of the footage I shot while there. Some of the other shots are in lockdown by the client so I used what I could to create this video. I spent 4 days shooting in Iceland and 6 days shooting in Greenland. Greenland locations include the Kangerlussuaq, Ilulissat, Ilimanaq, Ilulissat Ice Fjord, Russell Glacier, Greenland Icecap, and Disko Bay. Iceland locations include the South Coast, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Kirkjufell, and Grundarfjörður.

Stunning Floating Markets in Asia

A floating market is a market where goods are sold from boats. Originating in times and places where water transport played an important role in daily life, most floating markets operating today mainly serve as tourist attractions, and are chiefly found in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. The sellers often gather at 3:00 and come back at 11:00.

The following are stunning analogue photos of daily life in floating markets in Asia.