Jennifer Lawrence’s Fappening Bodyguard Gets His 15 Minutes of Fame

Jennifer Lawrence’s sexy bodyguard has been causing a stir among fans and is now getting a lot of attention on social media.

First spotted with the “Hunger Games” star at the Los Angeles International Airport on December 15, Justin Riblet is now inspiring tributes from adoring fans, US Weekly reported. Riblet turned heads at LAX in his gray sports coat, white collared shirt and jeans while he accompanied Lawrence who went incognito in a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.

“He’s very popular amongst the ladies in Jen’s team,” a source close to Lawrence tells Us Weekly.

Riblet has trended on social media with fans — mostly female — fawning over his chiselled good looks and buff body. Twitter users said that Lawrence’s new bodyguard “looks like a freaking model,” is “the hottest” and is “such a babe.”

Some admirers even suggested that Riblet should have chosen a more glamorous career path, writes International Business Times. “He looks like a freaking model,” one person wrote. “If I were Jennifer, that would be my next boyfriend,” another said. “I want to be Jennifer for one day with JR by my side.”

Lawrence, 24, is now back on the market following her split with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and who knows if she does a Whitney Houston and falls for the bodyguard.

Facts about Riblet have surfaced following all the attention he is getting. His LinkedIn profile reveals that he is a graduate of Rutgers University – Camden with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. After his graduation in 2007, he served as a Special Forces weapons sergeant in the US army for five years.


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