5 Stunning Constellation Lamps and Projectors

There’s something enchanting about the night sky. In it, we see a constellation-style history of human mythology, and the possibilities of our future looking down at us from above. This iconography of stars is something our culture celebrates in many different ways, but these new constellation lamps and projectors are a brilliant homage to the one worldview we all share.

So when you’re not gazing through your Impala’s available sunroof or letting the sky guide your path with the available Chevrolet MyLink Radio with Navigation*, check out some other ingenious ways to bring the beauty of the heavens into your home.

Starry Light Lamps

A fresh, modern living space requires abundant, artful light. Starry Light Lamps by Hungarian design duo Anagraphic deliver both in an inventive and authentic way. These handmade half-globe pendant lamps feature carved constellations. The bulb inside illuminates the room below and the ceiling above through accurate star map perforations. With the flick of a switch, the Northern Hemisphere’s starry skies are recreated on your walls and ceiling.

Constellation Lamp

If the museum-quality Starry Light Lamps eclipse your budget, the Constellation Lamp by Urban Outfitters is a bit more down-to-Earth. This small-stand lamp fits on a desk, coffee table or night table to light part of your room and project star shapes on your nearby wall and furnishings. It’s exciting, accessible and will satisfy the stargazer in you.

Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium

Star Projector

The serious star buff might prefer something with scientific accuracy. This impressive little device uses interchangeable image discs to project bright constellations onto your ceiling just as they appear in the night sky. It runs on either batteries or an AC adapter. And it features a built-in nap timer, so it will shut itself off if you fall asleep while pondering the starry skies.

DIY Romantic Star Projector

If accuracy isn’t as important to you as mood, consider this do-it-yourself system. You assemble it and install where you like. An ethereal night sky will appear on your ceiling and walls. This star projector is no educational tool, but it can turn almost any room into a dreamy environment.

Fiber Optic Night Sky Mural

If you prefer something a bit more permanent, there’s always the installation option. There are various companies that provide starry sky murals for a special ceiling in your home, using either reflective paint or inset fiber optics. The fiber optic systems can be designed to reflect the night sky accurately and shine light down onto the room from above. While this might be the most costly option, it can also be the most accurate and the most visually impressive.

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4 thoughts on “5 Stunning Constellation Lamps and Projectors”

  1. One other option which isn’t as easy as plugging in a lamp, yet much easier than a fiber optic ceiling (and much more realistic) would be a painted mural using glow-in-the-dark paint. http://www.NightSkyMurals.com is an example. However a person decides to enjoy the night sky… just do it. I mean… who get’s tired of a starry sky?

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